Monday, July 2, 2007

I Lost my boys on the weekend they decided to go and spend the night at my Mum and Dads place at Lake Canobolas(for those of you that don't know Orange this is one of Oranges icons) they Live in the Caretakers Cottage. So Matt and I went up to my mates Lyn and Pete's place for dinner. The boys watched DVDs all night and us girls scrapped for about 4 hours. I got my mini book done for Bec. I held a Baby shower for Bec a few weeks ago and I got the Guests to write down their piece of advice. I then placed all these in Becs "Advice from the Heart" book. It turned out quite different to what I had planned.

On Sunday morning I went out to the Lake to pick up my children and they had gone to my other Brother and Fiances place for the afternoon. Jamie and Jodie finally bought them home at 4.30pm and we all sat down and play the new electronic banking monopoly. It was quite Fun. We didn't finish until 10pm (only cause we had had enough). I am going to see my beautiful Niece tomorrow and I will give them the advice book and the Hanging. I really hope they like them.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is a wall Hanging that I made for My Brother Andrew and sister in Law Bec for their new Baby Elise my Niece. I wanted my present to them to be completely different to your usual Baby clothes and products. I know that they will Love it. I used old drink coasters that I had laying around the house then just covered them in carstock and added photos and embelishments. I am very pleased how it turned out.
I have two more parts to add to this present. At Becs baby shower I got all the guests to write down a piece of advice. I am now putting these words of Wisdom into a mini book. I am then doing another mini book about families for them to cherish.
Cant half tell that I am a loving and excited Auntie!!!
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Nic xx

Sunday, June 24, 2007


This is my Brother Andrew and his fiance Bec

This is my Beautiful Niece Elise Mary Margaret Stewart born to Andrew and Bec on friday the 22nd June. Elise was 8Ib, 51 cm long, head was 33 cm. She is so beautiful. Congratualtions Andrew and Bec I know that she will bring great happiness to your life.
I got to hold Elise yeserday and she is so tiny (I have forgot how tiny they are)She is so peaceful she sleeps for 4 hours at a time. I cant wait to see her again!! Can you tell that I am a little excited about my first Niece.
NIC xx

Friday, June 22, 2007


I have registered to go to Kiwi Scraps in November. My Classes are


8am - Confessions
10.15 am - Color me Happy
11.30am - Constant Reminders
2pm - Finishing Lines
4pm - Simple Cover

Sunday 8.30am Tell me a story

I am also going to the Mega Crop

Hope to see you all there!!

Nic xx

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Have Been Tagged !!!!!!!

I have bee Tagged by my Good Buddy Lee

My 12 Favourite Movies

1. Road Trip

2. American Pie

3. Face Off

4. Coyote Ugly


6. Black Dog

7.Walking Tall

8. Without a Paddle

9. Pirates of the Carribean


11. The Day after Tomorrow

12.Black Hawk Down

I am a very basic Movie watcher. Whatever is going at the Time I will watch.

The Layout above is one that I have just completed on MUD!!!
Both my boys get messy in Mud at any chance available. In the corner of the yard we have a small patch that the grass doesnt grow. My boys worked out that if you turn the Tap on it runs down the path and hits this patch and makes mud. Then they strip naked and play in the mud. I dont mind as it is healthy for children to get dirty. The very first time they did it I had a fit.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Layout for a Circle Journal

This is a recent Layout that I completed for a Circle Journal that I am involved with. You had to answer questions and randomly put them into a layout. Everyone else just printed out strips and organised them on the page but I wanted to be different so I can up with this. It needs something else but not quite sure what yet.

I recently went to see Pink live in concert with my Buddy Lee. We had a fantastic time. Pink is the most amazing performer that I have seen.

I have just had a quiet weekend at home as I have had one of my boys in hospital with croup. So we stayed inside all weekend and didn't venture out of the house. Lots of DVDs got watched.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Welcome to my Blog

Hi to all out there. My name is Nicole Downey and I live in Orange NSW. I am an addicted Scrapbooker. I have been scrapbooking now for about 3 years. I hope that you all drop in once and a while and see what I have been up to.